James Wilson, PE

Director of Highway Design

Mr. Wilson’s 36 years of engineering design experience has involved design units at both the Long Island (Region 10) and New York City (Region 11) offices of the New York State Department of Transportation. He has served as Project Manager, Design Supervisor, and as Deputy Director (Region 11 Design Office). Assisted in the development and administering of Regional Design’s portion of NYSDOT’s annual capital construction program. Mr. Wilson has extensive experience in supervising and managing both preliminary and final design for numerous projects involving highways, bridges, non-motorized transportation facilities, and parks and is well versed in both the NEPA and SEQRA environmental processes and related permitting procedures. In addition to managing and supervising project design, Mr. Wilson has extensive familiarity coordinating with various federal, state and city agencies, as well as developing and implementing comprehensive community outreach plans.