Borough of Manhattan Community College Pool Deck Restoration

New York, New York


Project Partners

SJH Engineering, P.C., Counsilman-Hunsaker National LLC, Genesys Engineering, Cerami & Associates, Inc., SBLM Architects, P.C.


This project involved the in-depth inspection and structural rehabilitation of the existing elevated pool deck surrounding the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) pool, as well as the repair and upgrading of the mechanical equipment located below the pool deck that supports the operation of the existing Steam Room and Pool PumpFiltration Room. MP Engineers was responsible for the development of contract plans, construction drawings and specifications for the replacement of the existing concrete slab floor structure located above the plenum room corridor with a reinforced concrete slab supported by a reconditioned steel framed pool deck. In addition, MPE designed and developed contract plans for the replacement of the drainage/plumbing system for the pool deck and shower room. MPE also prepared electrical plans for the demolition and the replacement of electrical ground wiring at the pool deck, existing electrical junction boxes, and the existing underwater pool lighting. This included all electrical conduit/wiring up to the nearest electrical panel. Contract plans and specifications for architectural finishes on the inside of the pool and office walls were also developed. MPE prepared a detailed professional cost estimate using DASNY cost estimating guidelines. The cost estimate was prepared in excel in the form of the itemized CSI specification section, and sub-section. Quantity calculations with backup, Unit material costs, unit labor costs (man hours), bid contingency, escalation, general conditions were incorporated into detail estimate. MPE also designed and prepared contract plans for the temporary support shoring and protection systems for the mechanical equipment located below the deck and duct work required for the pool deck reconstruction. MPE provided construction support services and attended weekly meetings with the contractors to discuss construction related issues and performed inspection of work in progress.