Route 23 Bridge Rehabilitation

Passaic County, New Jersey


Project Partners


MP Engineers is provided final design services for the rehabilitation of Route 23 [MP 24.35], Northbound & Southbound Bridges over New York, Susquehanna & Western Railroad. Each bridge has three spans with rolled steel stringers with welded cover plates. The intent of the project was to replace the superstructure of the existing bridges. One bridge carries northbound traffic and another carries southbound traffic. The scope of work included replacing severely deteriorated bridge decks whose concrete has already been extensively repaired with several generations of concrete patching, and which has also been overlaid with a bituminous wearing course. Other work included replacing bridge parapets and sidewalks, and upgrading parapet fencing, curbs and approach guide rail to current standards. Approach slabs were be added, several rocker bearings were reset, and minor concrete repairs were made to pier caps and columns, and to abutment walls and bridge seats. MP Engineers was providing Project Management and Quality Assurance/Quality Control for the duration of the project. The bridge work was done using five stages of construction, requiring extensive design of temporary traffic control devices. Traffic data and growth rates were collected and analyzed. Throughout the stages two lanes of traffic in each direction were maintained. Necessary temporary lane crossovers were cross twenty three foot wide grass medians requiring pavement testing of existing shoulders and design of horizontal and vertical geometry. Stage construction required modification of existing traffic signal equipment at intersections on each side of the bridges. Utility work included coordination of construction with the NYS&W railroad, as well as implementing their construction codes. Funding and checklists were prepared for this railroad as well as for overhead communication lines immediately adjacent to southbound bridge that have been identified. Project Management elements included Contract Management, Progress Reporting and Invoices, Schedule Monitoring, Design Communication Report and Project Meetings. MP Engineers coordinated the effort of two other consultants. Design services included development of construction cost estimates, design specifications and construction schedule utilizing CPM Construction Scheduling, Standard Coding and Procedures for Designers and “Construction Scheduling Manual 2013”.