Route 206 over Branch of Stony Brook, Bridge Culvert Replacement

New Jersey


Project Partners

Gannett Fleming


As a sub-consultant to Gannett Fleming, MP Engineers provided Construction Inspection of a Bridge Culvert Replacement project on Route 206 over Branch of Stony Brook. MP Engineers provided a Senior Road/Bridge Construction Inspector for the supervision and inspection of placement of all warning and regulatory signs, clearing of job site, placement of heavy duty silt fence, driving of temp sheeting, use of 2x12” plus 1x4” water pump to dewater from upstream to downstream within project limits. Demolition of existing culvert bridge, foundation prep work, placement of precast foundation with cast-in-place concrete, set up of precast culvert units, placement of precast abutments and wing walls, milling, full/partial depth concrete repairs & paving operations, stripping, concrete curb and guiderail placement, planting, seeding top soiling and mulching, final clean up, as-built and job close out. This project was on a fast track with work starting Thursday, November 8, 2018 and ending by Tuesday, November 12, 2018. The contractor was working round the clock in 12-hour shifts for the week as Route 206 was closed in both directions using a concrete barrier. A New Jersey State Trooper was on-site for the duration of construction. Extra precautions were taken due to an existing 12” gas main requiring temperature shielding for protection, and overhead electrical wire along the west side that needed to be deenergized during construction. Existing east side overhead telephone wire also needed to be considered (protected).