PS 151, Building Envelope

Brooklyn, New York


Project Partners

ECM Engineers Incorporated, VJ Associates


MP Engineers and Architects (MP) provided an In-Depth Condition Survey of the Exterior Masonry along with other components of the Building Envelope including the Roof, Parapets, Windows, Exterior Doors, along with Flood Mitigation Measures and interior finishes. As per NYC School Construction Authority’s scope & design protocol, we prepared damage mapping, exploratory probes, and conducted Non-Destructive Testing/Evaluation (NDT/E), roof cut & core tests, Video Camera Investigation and forensic study. We will review/analyze all test results and develop a recommended scope of work for the rehabilitative design of the project. The project is divided primarily into three phases: Scoping, Design, and Construction. At the end of each phase we will discuss any review comments received with the Authority’s representatives and obtain their approval and concurrence prior to proceeding to the next phase. During the design phase, we will prepare contract drawings, specifications, and an estimate for bid & award. The design will also include abatement measures for asbestos, lead and PCB (environmental study) as recommended in the Hazardous Materials Report prepared by our specialty sub consultant. During the procurement process, we will answer all RFI’s through the issuance of an addendum. Upon NTP to the contractor, we will visit the site and provide clarification and direction regarding any technical questions that may arise during construction. We will issue Bulletins as necessary and will discuss/coordinate any required Change Orders with the Project Manager. We will review all shop drawings and mock-ups prepared for various items/components. At the end of the project, MP will visit the school and declare the project substantially completed, inspect items that may have been corrected by the contractor, check paper work and coordinate administrative and financial close-out of the project. All design projects shall be submitted and receive code compliance approval from the NYC DOB and the Building Code Compliance (BCC) Division of the NYCSCA. From scoping to design and through the construction phase of the project, we will meet regularly with the school principal and other officials as appropriate to keep them apprised of the project progress and status.